We work as a General Contractor but we also provide Architecture services and Construction Management.

Owning both, the expertise in interior works, with various high quality materials and finishes, and the ability to integrate the entire range of operations, allows us to always deliver Premium turnkey projects.

We also have a quite unique expertise in atypical works. Part of our team, from previous working on set construction for international movies and television productions, preserves a rare ability to execute anything imaginable. 

Thus, we master areas such as restoration, reconditioning and building complex volumetric or decorative elements.

Our core team is of 30 professionals, people that know their trade and have proven their professionalism.

When we have bigger projects or multiple projects simultaneously, we work with partners and other professionals we know on local market. The biggest team we had under management so far was of 250 people.

General Contracting

We act as a General Contractor for a diversity of projects, leading them from idea to implementation. Our role is to ensure the approved project design is realized accurately and with integrity, on-time and on-budget. We may hire and manage a good number of subcontractors but we remain the unique contact for the owner.


We help our clients to get their vision realized. First, we learn about our clients’ dreams and goals, then we develop the design concept and, based on technical drawings and 3D renderings, we agree on the design and on project’s details. Afterwards, we oversee the implementation of the concept to make sure the owner gets the best result.

Construction Management

We insure the effective management of the project’s schedule, cost, quality and safety. We oversight the entire project’s delivery—from planning and pre-construction through construction and turn over. No matter the setting, our responsibility as Construction Managers is to the owner and to a successful project.